How To Find The Best Website Host

What are some of the important and critical things you should look for when selecting the best website host? Below is a checklist that will hopefully answer your questions. You should ideally do a good through research and read more stuff like this to find out all the important things that a good website host should possess.


Traffic bandwidth or Data Transfer is the amount of bytes transferred from the site when a visitor visits it. It is important especially if your website is attracting a lot of traffic. A good host should be able to withstand heavy traffic but sometimes this is completely dependent on the kind of hosting you purchase.

Any host that offers you ‘unlimited bandwidth’ is basically a no go for heavy traffic oriented websites. Remember, a host has to pay for the bandwidth so if you start using it a lot, a host may not be able to bear the costs anymore. A lot of people are unaware of it until they receive a surprise bill saying you exceeded the unlimited bandwidth. Every host has terms and conditions which lists down the amount of so called ‘unlimited bandwidth’ is allowed, make sure to have a look at it.

Technical support

Does your selected host offer 24/7 technical support? Your ideal host should have technical support that is also available during the public holidays and weekends. Trust us, a lot of hosts say 24/7 support when in reality their support goes down on public holidays. Technical support is important because website servers are notoriously popular for going down at the most unexpected times. This is when you can lose a lot of business or reputation. If you don’t want that to happen, or at least control the damage it does, then work with a host that actually does offer 24/7 support.

Plus there is another issue of hosts hiring salespersons who have to deal with both the technical support and selling services. These guys are pretty much useless when it comes to technical support. So before selecting the host, make sure it’s technical support has a team of reliable people to back you up.

Control Panel

Different hosts call this feature differently. But basically, it allows you to manage and control different features and aspects of your web account by yourself. A typical control panel should allow you to add, manage and delete web email addresses, and change authentication credentials. Avoid hosting companies that require you to call technical support every time you want to change your password or delete an unused email account on your domain. These tasks are very common and should be given to a webmaster to change at his/her disposal. Plus these things are so common that you may find changing these options every other day.

Ideally, a control panel should also come with an extensive user manual that explains how to use different features. A lot of hosts don’t add this feature but you can still use the internet to find solutions or just sign up with a host that has a manual.


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